Current Sponsors

It is an exciting time in education! We are especially excited here at North West Hendricks. Our school corporation has once again this year received 4 stars for all of our schools. In addition, once again we are ranked among the top 10 schools in Indiana for achieving high state testing scores.

As excited as we are, however, we are also concerned over budget cuts, lack of property tax revenue and dwindling federal and state funds. As we work tirelessly to help educate the business leaders of the future we find it a bit frustrating that we struggle to be able to provide the kind of education that all of our children deserve. We are currently working on moving our classrooms into the 21st Century. What this means is a technology rich classroom environment that is student focused. While we already have smart boards and computers in most classrooms we understand that this is not enough. We need to “pay-it-forward”.   How we plan to do this is to train our teachers through Professional Development in building a content-rich curriculum that is geared towards individual student success. We also are working diligently towards a Bring-Your-Own-Technology model so that our students can learn the way they prefer to learn.

Here’s what we need from our business community. The first part is simple. We need your support! We need for you to “brag” about our schools and promote one of the best kept secrets in Indiana. We may be a small corporation but we have been very successful so far in building strong future leaders.

The second part is that we need your monetary support. Adopt-A-Classroom will provide many businesses with an opportunity to help educate our community of learners at a level they are comfortable with. Some of our needs include additional smart boards for the classrooms at the high school that do not have them. We also need funds to provide technology to students to take home that cannot afford the devices needed. Finally, we need to ensure that every student in North West Hendricks School Corporation has Internet access for the content rich online e-Learning environments that their teachers are so diligently working on.

As a thank you for your commitment and contribution, the classroom you adopt will provide you with updates of how the funds they receive are being used. In addition, as a corporation, we will advertise your business on our corporate website through an “Adopt-A-Classroom” web link.

For more information, or to begin the adoption process, please contact our Assistant Superintendent/Business Manager, Ronald Ward at (317) 994-4100 or via email.

Thank you for your time and consideration! The business leaders of the future are depending on your support and generosity!