Staff Appreciation Help

April 21, 2017

As our year winds down to a close, we would like to thank the Staff of TWHS for their dedication to our kids and community.  Enclosed is list of items for 3 different meals. If you are willing and able  to assist with any items, the staff really appreciates the treats on these special days!  If you are unable to transport an item, I am happy to deliver it for you.  You may drop items off in the Teacher's Lounge ( or have your student!)  There is a fridge if needed!   Below are just suggested menu items, if you have a special dish you wish to bring...that is great!  Thank you so much for your willingness to help out...We have a wonderful community of Teachers, kids and parents.  Thanks for all you do!   (Please label all dishes!)  Please have food items at school by 10:30 am!  To sign up, please click here. - TWHS Parent Group