Trash Bag Fundraiser



In an effort to give students and families an avenue to help defray the costs for Marching season. The Band Booster Organization is initiating a fundraiser opportunity for the students in Marching Band activities.    

The Band Boosters will now accept orders for trash bags from the students.  Each roll the student sells he/she will receive $3.50.  These funds will go in their MBA account toward the following fees in the order of priority as listed:

For Band and Guard: 

  1. Fair Share Fees
  2. Shoes, Uniform/Parade Shirt/Pep Band Shirt, Accessories, Instrument
  3. Theme shirts
  4. Theme shirts for family
  5. MBA wear

(For example:  once your fair share is collected then any additional funds raised would then go toward shoes, uniforms, etc.)

Any money left over in your child’s account can be carried over to next seasons account if they continue to be a member of the MBA.  If you child decides not to pursue band/guard or graduates for their next year in school, those funds will be place back into the TWBB account or may go towards an active sibling participating in MBA Band/Guard.

Trash bag order forms are available on the website under forms.  The students will need to obtain the orders, collect the money (orders need to be prepaid), pick up and deliver the trash bags that have been ordered.  The trash bags sell for $10 a roll.  Once the order is completed $3.50 per roll sold will be credited to the student’s account (which will be monitored by the treasurer of the Band Boosters).

The fees and fair shares really only cover 1/3 of the total expenses for each season.  The Band Boosters rely on corporate sponsors, and other group fundraising activities to defray the major costs to allow the students of Tri-West to have these programs at such a discounted rate.

Order forms can be turned into any of the Band Booster Executives, mailed to TWBB, P.O. Box 161, Pittsboro, IN, 46167 or to Mr. Frederick, in a sealed envelope with the name of the student, amount of cash, phone number, and what it is for, IE trash bags. Once your order has been received and filled, the Trash Bag Coordinator will contact you for delivery/pick up with a date and time.

The Band Boosters have offered trash bags for several years now, so this will be an activity that will be ongoing and the sales are year round for your students benefit.

All unpaid fees in the student’s account after the first competition will need to be paid in full at that time.  It is imperative that the student’s sell however many rolls of bags they desire prior to that date.

Checks should be made out to TWBB or Tri-West Band Boosters, in blue or black ink.