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The Student who is information literate....

  • accesses information
  • evaluates information
  • uses information

The Student who is an independent learner is information literate and...

  • pursues information
  • appreciates information
  • generates knowledge

The Student who contributes positively to the learning community and to society is information literate and ...

  • recognizes the importance of information in a democratic society
  • practices ethical behavior
  • shares and collaborates


Public Library Cards
Interested in getting a public library card but don't live in a township where you must pay to get a library card?  There is a way to get a card at a lower price!  You might have to drive a little but you would still save $$!

What you need is a Non-Resident or OTS (Out of Township) card.  Go to one of the following libraries and pay their fee for a Non-Resident card.  Then take the card to your local public library and they will honor the card.  You will end up with two library cards which will be good for the entire library.  The membership will be good for one year!!

Cost of Non-Resident cards:
Avon: $80
Brownsburg: $85
Clayton: $40
Coatsville: $60
Danville: $74
Plainfield: $86
(Information updated by the Indiana State Library report - 2013 Indiana Public Library Statistics Registered Borrowers and Non-Resident Fees)

This following was found on the Danville Public Library's site:

The 6 libraries in Hendricks County (Avon, Brownsburg, Coatesville, Clayton, Danville and Plainfield) have an agreement (subject to review each year) allowing card holders from one library in the county to become card holders at another library in the county without any additional fee. You must present your library card at the other libraries. They will check to see that you are a card holder in good standing (e.g. no unpaid fines) and then issue you a card for their library. Materials must be returned to the library where they were checked out.

So ... go to one of the following libraries, purchase a membership, and then go to your local public library and get a library card from them!  This will be good for a year!!