• 8/3/2015  FIRST PRACTICE: 3:45-5:45
    ***Must have an athletic physical on file in order to practice***
  • 6/1/2015  First Summer SKILLS & DRILLS session
    6-7:30pm     STATUS: ON



2015 Fall Schedule
All 7th grade games start @ 5:30
All 8th grade games start approx. 10 minutes after the 7th grade games

8-13-15 v. Speedway
8-18-15 @ North Putnam
8-25-15 @ Danville
9-1-15 v. Southmont
9-8-15 v. Crawfordsville
9-15-15 v. Western Boone
9-22-15 @ Northridge (North Montgomery)
9-29-15 v. Lebanon
10-6-15 @ Frankfort


Blog Entry RULES FOR THE 2015 SEASON Posted: Monday, May 18 at 11:06 AM


  1. All athletic handbook rules apply to any school function.  This includes both voluntary and mandatory practices.
  2. Furthermore, if a student has failed a class from the previous grading (4th 9 weeks) of the 2014-15 school year, they will be ineligible for the first 2 games of the season.
  3. Also, if a student has failed 2 or more classes, they are ineligible for the entire season.
  4. I do want to mention, these students can still practice and participate…be part of the team…but, cannot play in the games.
    1. 1st: This will result in a half-game suspension
    2. 2nd: This will result in a full game suspension
    3. 3rd or more: This will result in suspension for the rest of the season.  You may still practice.
  6. ISS:
    1. 1st: Game suspension
    2. 2nd or more: Season suspension.  You may still practice.
  7. OSS:
    1. This will be handled by the Athletic Director and a meeting with coaches and parents.
      1. Automatically 1 game suspension, but could result in more after the meeting
    1. If you miss practice, or will need to miss practice, then you will need to communicate with Coach Sullivan: see me in school OR via e-mail.
    2. Even if you are sick that day at school, please contact me to let me know.  I do not get absent reports for the 7th and 8th grade.
    3. EXCUSED PRACTICES: sick, injured, doctor, family reasons
    4. UNEXCUSED: need to do homework, don’t feel like it
      1. You have a responsibility to your team to be at practice; be there please
      2. Practice is how you get evaluated; show up and perform
      3. Coaches will work with you, but you must communicate with us
      4. If you have an unexcused practice, you will sit the next game.
      5. If you accumulate more than 3 in the year, you will be removed from the team.
    1. This is competitive school football.  Playing time will be determined by the coaches; specifically your position coach.  Equal playing time is not guaranteed.
    2. Practice, effort, attitude, hustle, ability, and learning the plays will all factor into playing time.
    3. The coaches also are looking to build for the future of the high school program and might have suggestions made by the high school staff; we will honor this as well.
    4. We will try our best to get all players into the game, but it is not guaranteed.
    5. If you have questions about playing time, please follow this protocol:
      1. Request to speak with your position coach after practice, please never after a game
      2. If this does not satisfy your needs, please set-up a time to meet with your position coach and the head coach.
      3. If this does not satisfy your needs, then we (player, parents, coaches, AD) can set up a meeting to discuss any issues.  Please note that other players’ names cannot be mentioned in meetings.
      4. Above all else, start to learn how to communicate with your coaches and team.  Going home and talking bad about coaches, teammates, play calling might make you feel better, but it only creates strife among the team.
    1. Again, when you are practicing, playing, or even volunteering times, this is a school function.  Foul language, fighting, insubordination, and any other school violation will not be tolerated on the field.
    2. There will be consequences for all violations of the school code of conduct.
    3. This applies to coaches as well.  We are here to coach, critique, and motivate.  Yes, we are in roles of authority and have the responsibility to act in such manner.  Moreover, we must provide constant leadership at all times.  Finally, we will remain respectful to all players and expect the same in return.
    4. Any use of equipment by the player, other than football practice, games, or camps is prohibited.  Violation of this rule will result in removal from the team.
    1. First practice: Monday August 3rd       3:45-5:45
    2. Every practice will start at 3:45 and end at 5:45
      1. If rides become an issue, more than 30 minutes late, 3 times, then you will need to make arrangements to continue playing for the team
      2. If there is a reason to practice later: extreme heat, storms, etc
      3. Please visit the school site and/or twitter
      4. Special teams players might be asked to get extra punts, kicks, snaps after practice ends
    3. Friday practice: during season, Friday practices will be from 3:45-5:15 to allow travel to varsity games
    4. Saturday Practices: TBD (based on cooperation/coordination with the junior league football)
    5. We will never cancel practice in season.  Be prepared to practice inside if weather does not work in our favor.  Shoes!!!
    1. These are non-contact.  No pads, no helmets, no hitting.  Athletic gear, cleats are advised.
    2. See calendar attached for details
    3. Meet on the middle school practice field
    4. We will begin promptly at 6:00pm and end promptly at 7:30
    5. Bring your own water please.  At times, there will not be access to the school (cleaning schedule)
    6. Again, see twitter and the school site if you feel weather might be an issue
  13. GAMES:
    1. All players must travel to the games on the bus.
    2. As of last year, we have allowed players to sign-out with a coach to leave after their game.  I actually encourage our 7th graders especially to do this.
      1. Players that leave early are responsible for getting all equipment back to school for practice the next day.
      2. Again, players must sign-out.
      3. Players that stay to watch games will sit in the end zone to watch and/or do homework.
      4. Players are not to go to the concession stand except between games.  That is it.
      5. No phones or texting during games or bus rides to/from games.
      6. I understand that you might need to go to the restroom, but that is it.  Go after the game.  If there is any controversy, you will sit the next game.  Please behave.
    3. Schedule will be made available as soon as start times are finalized for road games.  All home games will start at 5:30 (7th grade) with the 8th grade game to follow 10 minutes after.
    1. There will be one made available for every practice and home game.  Please see him/her immediately if you feel that you have an injury or concussion symptoms
    2. As coaches, we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to injuries, especially concussions.
    3. Coaches  are also trained in CPR/First Response
  15. IMPACT TESTING/Concussion Testing:
    1. This is now mandatory before practicing on August 3rd, 2015.
    2. There will be 2 separate dates in which we will test: located at the middle school computer lab 202
      1. Wednesday June 17th
      2. Wednesday July 29th
    3. Again, this must be done before you can practice with the team on August 3rd
  16. EQUIPMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: You are responsible for all other equipment necessities…
    1. The school will provide: Issue date again is Thursday JUNE 25th   6-7:30 @ middle school
      1. Helmet and all necessary equipment for the helmet, but not a mouthpiece
      2. Shoulder pads
      3. Game Jersey, not pants
      4. Practice Jersey